Sunday, June 21, 2020

Remembering Vera Lynn (20 March 1917 - 18 June 2020)

This week, Vera Lynn passed away at 103-years-old (1917-2020) . And while most kids probably don't know who she is, especially American kids, Vera Lynn played an important role during World War II. Known as the "Forces' Sweetheart," she helped sing the allied forces to victory with her sentimental songs and very distinct voice. Although "The White Cliffs of Dover" was the song that first made her commercially popular, it is her iconic recording of "We'll Meet Again" in 1942 that she is best known for. Both songs, along with "As Time Goes By" were frequently played by my dad, who had a bunch of her records, and they are among my earliest memories, despite being born long after the war ended. 

Later, when I was writing my dissertation, I wrote a chapter on the importance of music as a morale booster. Naturally, when I made a WWII playlist to listen to for inspiration, I chose were these three favorites by Vera Lynn, to put on it, among others. 

I can't do justice to Vera Lynn's illustrious life and career, nor can I capture just what she meant to the British people (and apparently my Welsh dad) when they needed her most, but you can read her lovely obituary here in The Guardian


  1. Oh, thanks for sharing this. 103 years is quite an accomplishment - in addition to her obvious impact on our society and our morale at such a crucial time in history. I do appreciate reading about her here today.

  2. Although I couldn't place the name- I have heard of her and, of course, her songs. I re-listened to We'll Meet Again- wow she really had an amazing voice. I can see why she was so loved. 103 is quite a long life! Thanks for sharing. :)