Sunday, September 1, 2019

America at War edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins, illustrated by Stephen Alcorn: A poem for September 1, 1939

Today is the 80th anniversary of the start of WWII. I couldn't decide what to do to commemorate it so I turned to Lee Bennett Hopkins' book America at War to share some poems with my young readers. This book covers America's participation in war from the American Revolution to the war in Iraq. There are eight poems dedicated to WWII and I wish I could share all of them with you, but since my focus is on children and teens, and because children also wanted to do their bit for the war effort back then, I picked this poem by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater:


  1. Oh, this poem really pulls at your heart. Thank you for sharing this book and a poem from it.

  2. A poem by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is always a gift. This one is lovely. I am not familiar with this book. I will have to check it out.