Sunday, August 11, 2013

Something to do on a summer's day,,,,in August 1943

I've gone back to sorting and reorganizing my bookshelves yet again.  Naturally, it has been taking up most of the summer because I keep stopping and reading through things like old comic books (I had forgotten that Captain America had a brother who died at Pearl Harbor), magazines like Girls Own, Calling All Girls, Jack and Jill and Child Life, and of course, all the books and other small trinkets I have been given or gathered along my way - and all of it relating to kids during WWII.  

Since it is summer, I've had a bit of help (?) from a 9 year old visiting niece and her new friend who lives in an apartment upstairs.  This week, the girls decided to copy some puzzles from an old August 1942 Child Life.  They seemed to enjoy doing them so much that I thought I would share the puzzles they copied.    


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  1. How fun! I love that the kids got into these while "helping" you. Puzzles are such fun. Thanks for sharing!