Friday, September 16, 2011

BBAW Day 5: Blogging

Today is the last day of Book Blogger Appreciate Week 2011 and congratulations to all the winners.  You should be very proud of your accomplishment.  And congratulations to all the wonderful blogs that were nominated. 
I could participate much this week due to work commitments (though I did participate as a judge,) but I have enjoyed reading everyone contributions to the daily blogging topics. 

So, on to the last daily blogging topic:

The world of blogging is continually changing. Share 3 things you think are essential tried and true practices for every blogger and 1-3 new trends or tools you’ve adapted recently or would like to in the future.

On the practical side of things, I would suggest

1- Learn a little HTML – it can go a long way when Blogger or Wordpress or whatever blog service you use is being temperamental. I use Quackit HTML Tags

2- Maintain a separate email account for all things bloggy, using something that access from any computer. This has been a god-send.

3- Visit and comment other blogs – kindly and courtesy. My mother always told me that if you can’t find something nice to say, say nothing at all. That is my personal policy.

4- Keep it fun and keep it genuine. When blogging ceases to be fun, it is time to walk away. Write what you feel and feel what you write. And don’t use your blog as an ego trip, collecting followers to make yourself feel popular.


1- I am not a very trending kind of person but I do use Google reader for blogs I follow and am interested in. And I use Twitter and Facebook for getting the word out about my posts.

2- Try some memes and/or reading challenges. My blog is about kidlit set in WW II, so sometimes participate in Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads with food related posts about that time. Because of rationing, food was always on the minds of people and I think it adds a little spice to my blog.

3- Try out any ideas you have for making your blog interesting, even if no one else is doing it. I enjoy things like Timeslip Tuesday at Charlotte’s Library or Guy Friday at Ms. Yingling Reads, even though they aren’t official memes. I also have a few of my own features like That’s The Way It Was Wednesday, where I post about kid’s books actually written during WW II, and Sunday Funnies, which covers comics, jokes, cartoons from that time period. So be creative with your blog!

Have a great year blogging, everyone, and see you at the next Book Blogger Appreciation Week in 2011!


  1. A little HTML does come in handy! Something I think lots of bloggers don't think about today when there seem to be GUI buttons to do everything. And I love having a separate blog email address, even though both my addresses pull to the same account.

  2. Great ideas!

    I'm really enoying visiting everyone's blogs and reading their hints & tips :)

  3. Thanks for your comments, everyone. I hope they were helpful, I know all of your were.

  4. Ha! I just did the little ego trip on my last contest!

    But I do get the viewer stats each week and they keep me in my place. : )

    The html tip is a good one.

  5. Those are all excellent suggestions Alex. I especially agree with the HTML and even add to that to learn to basics of design.