Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday #2 on Wednesday: Top Ten Blogish/Bookish Resolutions

The Bookish and the Broke has a weekly meme called Top Ten Tuesday, in which participants list their top ten answers to the weekly theme. This week the theme  by Jen is Top Ten Blogish/Bookish Resolutions. Thank you for this great meme.

Here are my Top Ten Blogish/Bookish Resolutions for 2011
1- Organize my books better, and the flash drive I keep all blog/book related material on.

I tend to stick everything in a computer folder and fool myself with the idea that “I will take care of this later” but later never comes.

2- Use my Nook more, even though I like books better.
Sometimes I guess an e-reader is handy, but I am not good about using it. I have borrowed some library books on it, but that is about all. Barnes & Noble will never break the bank on my e-purchases.

3- Create lists of books for the challenges I have elected to participate in.
Another thing I put off for that “later” that never comes.

4- Read the books on the above lists.
OK, truth is, I would read books for the challenges even without lists.

5- Update my Good Reads and Library Thing accounts and keep them updated.
I am very bad about these, but resolve to either do better or cancel the accounts.

6- Since my blog is branded, try not to feel guilty when I read book not pertinent to it.
This refers to the list I made last Top Ten Tuesday.

7- Find or start an active book club in Manhattan.
Most book clubs here fill up fast and close. Starting my own would definitely be better – perhaps in the local indie store or Barnes & Noble.

8- Read more non-fiction.
Not my favorite, yet the non-fiction I have read is always so interesting.

9- Learn how to do things on Blogspot.
I need to find an easier way to get pictures side by side and learn a little more html.

10- Finally read Black Beauty the book instead of the Classics Illustrated comic I used in 3rd grade for my book report.
I am kidding myself again - that’s not going to happen.  I just don't like that book.

Revised 10- Try to do Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesday.
Getting better already, today is Wednesday, just one day away from Tuesday.


  1. I'm terrible with that "I'll take care of this later" organizational system! I just spent an evening sorting out my Firefox bookmarks and really need to do the same with my files. Good luck with that! I also went through last year and updated my LibraryThing and GoodReads accounts. I've been pretty good about keeping them current since then; blogging has helped, as I think I'm generally more aware of what I'm reading.

    Good luck with all your goals!

  2. That's an ambitious list! It might take me a year to accomplish all that. No seriously.

    Plus, I don't have a Nook, so that might be a problem.

    Here via the commenting challenge. It's nice to see other ambitious bloggers out there.

  3. Ha! I did not like Black Beauty when I read it as a teenager. But then, I think it is safe to say I don't like novels about horses. Or dogs.

  4. Great list! Let me know if you figure out how to get pictures side by side on Blogspot! I've tried and been SOOOO frustrated, and then abandoned the effort as wasting too much time.

    I'm thinking of getting a Nook--do you like yours?

  5. I love #10! I've never read _Black Beauty_; just couldn't get into it.

    I've had a lot of trouble getting pictures to display side-by-side on wordpress, too.

    And I love my nook. I just got it for Christmas, and I've been downloading e-ARCs from NetGalley. More free books! (And they only give you 60 days to read them, so it's a use-it-or-lose-it kind of thing.)

  6. Thanks, everyone, for all your encouragement.
    This is an ambitious list, but the good part is I have already crossed off Black Beauty.

    Margo, Yes I live my Nook. I just wish it had a backlight. I am working on the side by side images and will post the results soon (I hope)

    Beth, thanks for the heads up about e-ARCs.

    I am working on the side by side images and will post the results soon (I hope)

  7. Hi Alex,
    two recommendations for you, and apologies if you've covered them already.
    Lois Lowry's "Number The Stars" (won the Newbery - I just read it and it is amazing! I interviewed Lois recently and we spoke about the book here:
    and the gay-themed "Josef Jaeger" (

  8. Black Beauty? I read that when I was a kid. Didn't like it then, so doubt I'd like it anymore now. I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about that resolutions. The comic version with pictures is ten times better anyways.

  9. I laughed out loud at the Black Beauty reference. . . that resolution wouldn't happen for me either LOL!

  10. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I read so many books about WWII and the Holocaust when I was a kid. Maybe you can help me remember the title of one - the protagonist hides money in the lining of her violin case. I think they escape Germany for Switzerland... I think it's pretty well-known but I just can't think of it. Looking forward to reading more.

  11. Trisha and Lindsay - I guess it is safe to say Black Beauty isn't quite as popular as something like The Hunger Games.

    Lee - I do have the two books you mention on my list. I just discovered the Josef Jaeger book, but I am afraid I don't know any other gay themed books for my time period. If you hear of any, I would appreciate your letting me know.

    Even in Australia - the plotline you mention doesn't ring a bell and the only violin books I can think of offhand is the Zion Covenant series by Bodie Thoene - the first is named Vienna Prelude and was published around 1989. Doesn't that sound familiar?

    Thanks again for everyone's comments and encouragement.

  12. I just popped over here to see if you knew of the picture book, A New Coat for Anna. We just got it from the library last week. It's set in the aftermath of WWII, it what appears to be Germany (but the country is not specified -- it could be any European city).

  13. All of my bookish related things are also all jumbled in one folder. Every time I save something new I think, "I reallllyyy need to organize all of this stuff".

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your resolutions with us!

    Jen at The Broke and the Bookish

  14. Hmmm, that's not it. Let me do some investigating.

  15. Ok, got it! I'm almost positive it's When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr. I kept thinking "bunnies, bunnies" and then it finally came to me. Great book.

  16. I've seen a couple of these lists now, and I'm finding them very helpful in thinking about my own (unstated) goals for the year. Hoping it will inspire me to do better than my current MO, read what I want, review when I feel like it.

  17. Interesting list! I need to organize my books too! Oh yes, no one should ever feel guilty about reading any book-- as a friend of mine says-- it can be 'both-and' not 'either-or'.

    Happy reading-- come check out my list if you have time!

  18. Hey, I liked Black Beauty! He doesn't turn into glue at the end, in case you were worried.

    Australia, I don't think Kerr's book had the violin bit; I just skimmed it and Anna doesn't have a violin. There's another book with child refugees that might be it, but I'm blanking on the title. At one point the kids have to stay in an orphanage and the only bed for one girl is a crib and she pretends to be a monkey. Does that ring a bell? I also read tons of books about WWII in elementary and middle school.

  19. Beth - thanks. I also skimmed Kerr's book at my daughter's school library where I volunteer, but I didn't see the violin part either. The monkey part does NOT ring a bell. OK, back to researching it, since now it's driving me nuts!

  20. For those still following, my sister, who is amazing at this, identified the book as Journey to America by Sonia Levitin.