Monday, October 11, 2021

Where I've Been...

OK, I know I hold on to my devices way too long but 2021 seems to have become the year of device death for me. First, it was my smartphone. I could no longer update it and it began to slowly be unable to access much of anything and the battery pretty much didn't even hold a charge. So, I replaced my old phone in March.

No sooner did my phone get replaced, but my iPad slowly began to not let me access so many websites I use regularly. Plus, the battery no longer held a charge, and since I use my iPad for work and for reading digital books, it needed to be replaced in June.

Come September, and my desktop decided to follow my phone and iPad into the device graveyard. So I ordered a new desktop in August and it sat in Shanghai for ages because there are so few freight flights out of China now. But, it finally arrived this weekend and I've been setting it up. Luckily, I was smart enough to have an external backup drive on my old computer because by the time I got the new one, it had really given up the ghost.

In all fairness, my old computer was bought in 2011, and I had increased the memory at one point and I have to say for a 10-year-old computer, it served me well.

Meanwhile, I've been busy reading lots of books and will begin posting reviews shortly. 

Hopefully, device-wise, I hope I'm set for at least the next few years. 


  1. Whew! I'm glad this all worked out, Alex. I just took my laptop in for a tune-up yet I know it's time to start looking for new I still have an older iPad, but use it very seldom, may not replace it. The new ones are enticing, however. My Phone is about a year old so that's good for a while. It's hard to believe we need to keep track because of all that we have on our devices. Enjoy the new desktop! I bet it's fast!

  2. So glad for you and your followers that you are up and running! This is sounding strangely familiar in that my phone and tablet both seem sluggish and my laptop battery won't hold a charge. My hard drive also ran into major issues about 24 hours before heading to a writing retreat. So grateful that my hubby technician dropped everything to put a new hard drive in. Also thankful he had one on hand!
    Happy adjustments to you!

  3. fingers crossed for electronic longevity!