Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Funnies #27: Batman and Robin - A Christmas Peril

This Batman comic book is dated February/March 1945, but it appeared on newsstands and candy stores on December 11, 1944. World War II hadn't ended yet, but by then it was clear that the war was going in favor of the Allied Forces and would soon be over. Note the request to back the 6th War Loan on the cover of the comic. The public had a chance to purchase war bonds for this loan beginning on Monday, November 20, 1944 until Saturday, December 16, 1944. This loan has an interesting history which you can read about HERE

The comic had several stories in it, but one that follows was the only Christmas story and it's in interesting parody of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol which it completely owns on page 1 of the comic. The story has nothing to do with the war, but it's an interesting one, nevertheless.


  1. Merry Christmas Alex/Kathryn, interesting Batman issue, I did something similar on Rupert Bear wartime stories. Google "stephen bigger" with "rupert" to find it. I always enjoy your posts. Stephen

  2. Thanks, Stephen, I'll definitely look up your Rupert post. I always enjoy your post as well. Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!