Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm back with a new look and a new name.

After five years, I decided that The Children’s War needed a bit of a makeover.  I talked to a few friends whose opinions I respect and told them my plans, and later showed them the new design.  

Two suggested that I think about changing the name.  When I first started The Children’s War the named felt logical to me, since I was focusing on children’s literature about World War Ii and so often I had read about how it was often referring to as the children’s or the people’s war because, for the first time, the front lines were the home front and it had a much more dramatic impact on the lives of children than any other war in history.  But it was also a war in which 1.5 million Jewish children lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis.  Calling my blog The Children’s War may have felt logical, but perhaps it was also a little too academic.  But when someone recently said to me "So you write a blog about kids fighting with each other?" I knew the time for change had come.

And since I was doing a makeover anyway, I decided to change the name as well.   Most of the books I read here come from my own bookshelves, and I’ve decided to rename The Children’s War and call it Alex’s Bookshelves.  My focus will remain the same, reviewing books for young readers about World War Ii.

I will be keeping the email address active for a while longer, but from 
now on, I will also be using 

Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads will also reflect the new name change.  

These changes will be effective immediately, although there are a few kinks to still work out.

Hopefully, this is not a kiss of death decision!


  1. I liked "The Children's War" name, but I can see where people who aren't interested in history and historical fiction may have been confused by it. The makeover looks good. I've read that websites (and presumably blogs) should be redone every few years

    1. Thanks, Gail. It was a tough decision but as you can see, I decided to go with it. I always liked the name The Children's War, too, but yes, there was confusion.

  2. I always liked the old name, but I like the new name too. The blog revamp looks great and the name change goes with it. Plus, when you mentioned the confusion some people had with the old name, the new name is not confusing at all. :) Good luck with the rest of the kinks!