Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Funnies #15: Garden for Victory

Planting time has come around once again, so I thought I would share these two pages from a comic book produced during WWII to encourage kids to get involved with planting and maintaining Victory Gardens to help supplement food after rationing went into effect.  People really took to the idea, planting in backyards, allotments, rooftops, fire escapes and even in window boxes.

From: How Boys and Girls Can Help Win the War 1942

This weekend I decided to take a page out of this comic and do some planting, too.  Now, living in a city apartment has some definite advantages, but having a backyard garden isn't one of them.  So, I do what I can with window boxes with lots of herbs.  All summer long, I just open the screen and snip at what ever I need to make things tastier.  Luckily, NYC has some wonderful farmer's markets where I can buy all kinds of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

This morning, I had sad, sad window boxes:

But lots new plants:

 And now, I have very happy window boxes:

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  1. I loved reading the comics! A great reminder to all of us to plant whatever we can. Whether we are needing to plant Victory Gardens, or just helping to grow our own food we are making an important difference. Your windowsill garden looks awesome! :)