Thursday, January 12, 2012

Then and Now - if at first you don’t succeed....

At first I wasn’t going to write a New Year’s related post because I hadn’t made any bookish resolutions.  The first thing I did this year was switch from a PC to a Mac, so I have been up to my geeky eyes playing around with it, transferring, organizing and weeding out files, folders, programs, etc..     

While I was doing this, I came across my post from last years topic Top Ten Bookish Resolutions from the weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish   
For fun, I thought I would look at my Top Ten Bookish Resolutions for 2011 and see how well I kept them.  Here goes:

1- Organize my books better, and the flash drive I keep all blog/book related material on. 
Then: I tend to stick everything in a computer folder and fool myself with the idea that “I will take care of this later” but later never comes. 
Now: I started off well, but soon slipped back into bad habits.  A new computer prompts me to try again. 
2- Use my Nook more, even though I like books better.
Then: Sometimes I guess an e-reader is handy, but I am not good about using it. I have borrowed some library books on it, but that is about all. Barnes & Noble will never break the bank on my e-purchases.  
Now: I am proud to say that I am indeed using my Nook more, though I have always been a sucker for a great book cover and find I still buy books which have covers I like, instead of purchasing the e-book.  I am working on a solution for that.
3- Create lists of books for the challenges I have elected to participate in.
Then: Another thing I put off for that “later” that never comes.
Now: I read books for my challenges as they came to me, never making a list.   But I completed all but two challenges.  The Civil War Challenge hosted by Anna and Serena at War Through the Generations didn’t quite work for me, for some reason.  And the host of the Forgotten Treasures Challenge sort of faded away in May, so I never read all 25 pledged books, but came close to finishing. 
4- Read the books on the above lists.
Then: OK, truth is, I would read books for the challenges even without lists.
Now: Well, I did read them, I just didn’t list them before I read them.
5- Update my Good Reads and Library Thing accounts and keep them updated.
Then: I am very bad about these, but resolve to either do better or cancel the accounts.
Now: I updated and kept my Good Reads account current, but not Library Thing.  That is for this year.
6- Since my blog is branded, try not to feel guilty when I read book not pertinent to it.
Then: This refers to the list I made last Top Ten Tuesday.
Now: I don’t know where my head was when I wrote this.  Guilty about reading a book - never!! And I did read many of the books on the list - guilt free, I might add.
7- Find or start an active book club in Manhattan.
Then: Most book clubs here fill up fast and close. Starting my own would definitely be better – perhaps in the local indie store or Barnes & Noble.
Now: Never did this, but I did start going to the Children’s Literature Salon at the 42nd Street Library regularly.
8- Read more non-fiction.
Then: Not my favorite, yet the non-fiction I have read is always so interesting.
Now: Yes, I have accomplished this resolution.  Still not my favorite genre.
9- Learn how to do things on Blogspot.
Then: I need to find an easier way to get pictures side by side and learn a little more html.
Now: I have learned how to do more things on Blogspot, sometimes to my own determent - I can get carried away with html.
10- Finally read Black Beauty the book instead of the Classics Illustrated comic I used in 3rd grade for my book report. 
Then: I am kidding myself again - that’s not going to happen.  I just don't like that book.
Now: Didn’t happen, not gonna happen.
Revised 10- Try to do Top Ten Tuesday on Tuesday.

Then: Getting better already, today is Wednesday, just one day away from Tuesday.
Now: Of the 5 Top Ten Tuesdays I did in 2011, 3 were done on Tuesday, 1 was done on Wednesday and 1 was done on Saturday.  Also, do more Top Tens and shoot for more Tuesdays.  This one doesn't count, it's not official.
And, lastly, the moral of this story is 

Thank you, Winston Churchill


  1. These are great bookish resolutions. I'm hoping to be better at updating my Goodreads this year, too. I really slacked off over the past few months!

    Also, welcome to the cult of Mac! :) I switched about a year and a half ago and I am SO happy with my new computer.

  2. Alex, in regards to #8 - have you read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (
    You would LOVE it.

  3. I like lists, so I use librarything to list everything I read, and Goodreads to hold my TBR lists, and since I tend to read a stack of books at once, Shelfari to keep track of my currently reading.

    Now I just need something to keep track of my piles of unread books. I do like my mac though.

  4. aquafortis, I am indeed beginning to love my Mac as only Mac people do. But I hang my head in shame to confess that after I posted this, I again forgot about Library Thing.

    Beth, I like lists too, so am making a paper list to remember things like updating my Library Thing account. So many books can get overwhelming sometimes, can't it?

    Zohar, I haven't read Unbroken yet, but plan to soon. I am sure I would love it. Thanks for reminding me about it and it is now on the paper list.

  5. Great post! I love your attitude. So many posts like this are filled with angst. I like one that puts blogging and reading in proper perspective. It's all supposed to be fun -- just like your post!

  6. Great post, but then all your posts are great and to prove it I've just awarded you the Liebster Blog Award

  7. Great look back! My resolution would be to read more. I used to make time, but not lately. I enjoyed the post. Have fun with the Mac. And the Nook!

  8. Loved your post. I find if I don't write it in a goal, I quickly forget it. I really loved the Peanuts cartoon. So true. Never ever give up. Found your blog through March House Books Liebster Award.

  9. Joy, thank you for the compliment. I try to look at things in a positive light (but that doesn't always happen) especially where blogging is concerned. So many people start out well but lose their perspective, get angsty and stop blogging, which is a shame. But I know that can be easier said than done sometimes.

    Barbara, thank you so much for the award. Your blog is one of my favorites, too. Someday I want to go back to England with lots of money in my pockets, visit your bookshop, have a lovely cup of tea with you and shop till I drop.

    Carol, sometimes I don't have as much time to read as I would like, too, but I am glad you enjoyed this post.

    Donna, I know what you mean about things not getting done without a goal. I am the same way. I love the Peanuts cartoon, too, so apropo sometimes. Glad you found my blog through March House. Isn't that a great blog?

  10. Enjoyed reading your post. Found your blog through the comment challenge. I am now following you on Twitter.

  11. Love this post of looking back on your resolutions! I never make resolutions so couldn't do the same thing but I absolutely enjoyed reading yours! And I so recognized myself in most of them. I never make lists for challenges either. My Goodreads account is kind of a problem too. And I still love paper books for their covers :)
    Thanks for sharing this!