Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sad News - Nina Bawden Dies

I was very sad to see that another kidlit author has passed away.   Nina Bawden, author of Carrie's War, passed away at the age of 87.

Ms. Bawden's obituary in the New York Times can be found here and in The Guardian here

Nina Bawden 


  1. So very sad, and even sadder that two of her children died before she did. The worst that can happen to a parent.

  2. Yet, I agree. I have often thought that my sister would never have recovered if her daughter hadn't survived cancer when she was a teen, so I can't imagine Nina Bawden's grief losing two of her children.

  3. How sad! I am also sorry for her that she had to out live two of her children- I imagine that was extremely difficult (to say the least). I hadn't heard this news- so thanks for sharing.

  4. Bawden was regarded as one of the few modern novelists to write successfully for both adults and children, and was admired for her insightful depictions of childhood and complicated family relationships.