Thursday, January 27, 2011

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Indifferance by Fritz Hirschberger (1912-2004)
by Barbara Sonek (1942-2010)

We played, we laughed
we were loved.
We were ripped from the arms of our
parents and thrown into the fire.
We were nothing more than children.
We had a future.
We were going to be
lawyers, rabbis, wives, teachers, mothers.
We had dreams, then we had no hope.
We were taken away in the dead of night
like cattle in cars, no air to breathe
smothering, crying, starving, dying.
Separated from the world to be no more.
From the ashes, hear our plea. This
atrocity to mankind can not happen
again. Remember us, for we were the
children whose dreams and lives were
                                                                    stolen away.

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