Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter 2015 Mini Bloggiesta

I haven't done a #Bloggiesta in a while and there are some things on this blog that could use some tuning-up and straightening up, and in the spirit of Spring Cleaning (because spring is only 61 days away as of today!)  And, while I may be a little late to the sign-up Linky, it isn't too late to participate.

Here is what I plan on doing:
1- Backup blogs, this one and Randomly Reading
2- Update all my Pages
3- Make new banners for Twitter
4- Clean up labels (again)
5- Organize my blog folders on my hard drive where I keep ideas, information, photos, etc for future use.
5- Learn how to make an infographic with Valeria at A Touch of Book Madness, which is something I've been meaning to do.
6- Joy at Joy's Book Blog has a really good idea on her #Bloggiesta To-Do List to check the loading time of her blog using Pingdom Tools recommended by The Redhead Riter.  Thank you, Joy, for that great idea and the links.

This is a busy reading time of the year for me, so I thought I would keep things manageable.

Here goes...


  1. Great list! I just did the Pingdom test and got a 68. I don't think that's as good as it's done in the past. I don't have time this weekend to work on speed, but that tells me I want to move that higher on the list for the next Bloggiesta.

  2. I've never been able to do a Bloggiesta. I didn't even know this one was happening. Now that I think of it, this seems like something I could get my computer guy to do.