Friday, December 23, 2011

OMG! Another List! 2012 Reading Challenges

I know I haven’t been reviewing as frequently this month as I usually do and I apologize for that  I have been working an a large research project since mid-November and my eyes are so tired at night, I just haven’t been reading much.  But my part of the project is beginning to wind up and I will be reading and reviewing on a regular basis again.

Meantime, I have been thinking about reading challenges.  There are so many tempting challenges out there it is sometime hard to decide.  But I have (so far) narrowed it down to 5 one year challenges and 1 perpetual challenge.  And the choices are:

Challenge:         The World War I Challenges
Host:                Anna and Serena at War Through the Generations
Level:               Wade level: 4-10 books.

 Challenge:         Historical Fiction Reading Challenge
 Host:                The good folks at Historical Tapestry
 Level:               Undoubtedly Obsessed 15 books

Challenge:         European Reading Challenge
Host:                Gilion at Rose City Reader
Level:               Five Star (Deluxe Entourage) 5 or more books

Challenge:         Cozy Mystery Challenge
Host:                Debbie’s Book Bag
Level:               Gumshoe 4 to 6 mysteries

Host:                Hannah at Once Upon a Time
Level:               Any number of books you want

Host:                Zohar at Man of la Book
Level:               9 books and their graphic novel tie-in

If any of these appeal to you, you can find more information by simply clicking their link.  Or if you want to see what other challenges are out there, visit A Novel Challenge, the place most people list their challenges.


  1. Glad you'll be joining us for the WWI challenge. I'm doing the Historical Fiction Challenge, too. At least the WWI books can count for both! ;)

  2. Thanks for joining the challenge.

  3. Alex, thanks for bringing War Through the Generations to my attention. Now I'm a subscriber. Might join the WWI Reading Challenge.